In the Name of God the Most Merciful the Most Kind


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(O Messenger of Almighty [sallallahu alayhi wa sallam])

Swans are shedding their tears in admiration, from the moment when they saw how you walk.
Because your walking is so tender (gracious), o Rasulullah

Brilliant diamonds of tears are streaming on nightingales’ cheeks, since they hear your voice
It is because your speech (voice) is so sweet and so magnificent, o Rasulullah

Lions fell down unconsciousness before you (in submission and humbleness),
So strong and powerful you are, o Rasulullah

The seas dried up (desiring to dry up out of shame), by hearing your name
Because you are so calm (because of your tranquillity), o Rasulullah

Your character and all your deeds are so beautiful
That you are always present in every believing heart, o Rasulullah

The hearts are pining (trembling out of love and respect)
You are – Life and you are – Love, o Rasulullah

Verily, after meeting with (came to know) such a wonder like you, o Rasulullah ,
Would it be possible to say “Allah” without losing consciousness?
(How is it possible to say “Allah” without losing consciousness?)

Author: Tarana Alieva (Russia), 2005
Translation from Russian by L.Adam

The above lines originally were written in Russian by a Muslim Russian girl Tarana. She did not know that she could write poetry, until reading the Russian translation of Naat “LOVE DIVINE” and listening to the fragment from this Naat on the Russian Islamic website where visitors were asked to rearrange the Russian translation into poetry so that it could be sung in a Naat form. But, instead of re-arranging these words, Tarana to her own surprise, was immediately inspired to compose her own Naat (first Naat in her life). As if these lines flowed by themselves. She even didn’t understand how it happened. It was like an unexpected inspiration.

These are her words: “Simply… don’t understand how it happened… but here it is…”


Return to the beloved prophet and his ways!

Not too long ago, at a symposium of Urdu poets in Delhi,
one of them presenting his literary works said: "Islaam
and the Muslims need to be progressive and move with
the times of today if ever they are to succeed."

Everyone in attendance agreed.

A second poet in disagreement, said:

"The Muslims of today need to return to the time of
the beloved prophet if are to succeed at all."

The first poet said: "I do not understand."

The second poet explained: "Should one wish ones
arrow to hit the desired mark, one has to pull it
back upon setting it in the bow."

Everyone in attendance including the first poet
cheered and spread the message!

And Allaah knows best!


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