BBismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem: (In the Name of God The Most Kind The Most Merciful (basmallah)

"Poetry in Honour of the Greatest Human Being Ever"

Salla Llahu alayhi wa sallam



Allaamah Iqbal

My wish becomes a prayer as it reaches my lips.
Dear Lord guide me to spend my life in bringing light to others.
May darkness wherever it may find itself be removed by my efforts.
May every nook gleam with my glow.
May my presence be a source of beauty to my homeland,
Just as a flower beautifies a garden.

Dear Lord let my life be spent in search of enlightenment.
Dear Lord bestow me with love for the light of knowledge.
May I always willingly support the destitute
And shower love on the aggrieved and the weak.

Oh Almighty, I seek your protection from evil.
Please guide me onto the path which will lead me to good.

P.S. :
This prayer is memorised, and sung
at morning assembly, in Urdu schools all over India.

Poetry in Honour of the Greatest Human Being Ever - Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), translated by Ustaz Rawoot


By Ataar

Please call me to Madinah again, O noble Prophet *.
Pour the drink of love for you , O noble Prophet .

Stay in my sight always, O noble Prophet
May my heart become your resting place,
O noble Prophet .

Everyone is tormenting me, they are hurting my feelings.
Please encourage me to stand firm, O noble Prophet .

Though I am useless, I love you truly,
O king of Madinah .
Please embrace me, O noble Prophet (.

I pray that I acquire better habits, that I follow your example.
Please make me pious, O noble Prophet .

All my sisters! May they all cover themselves properly.
Grace us with understanding, O noble Prophet .

May I always pine to be in your auspicious company.
Save me from wanting worldly gain, O noble Prophet .

Divine Light by Sayyed Riyaaz Suharwardy


By Sayyed Riyaaz Suharwardy

O Prophet , your auspicious name is more loved than any other.
The sun, the moon and the stars were illuminated by it.
There was plenty of light everywhere and the entire world was alight by it.
This very name will give my name prominence both here and in the hereafter.
When the Creator, Most High, praises you Himself,
then it is natural that all else will sing your praises.
May your praise forever remain fresh on our lips, in total gratefulness.
I am caught up in turmoil from all sides;
Please, dearest Prophet watch over me, please watch over me.
Bless me speedily my Master with tranquility.
Please hear my plea, do not leave me destitute.
Please favour me with your compassionate glance.
You are enough support for the helpless, the strength of the weak.
How and who shall I tell my tale of woe?
Who shall I tell what ails me?
You are my confidante, I seek redress.
I am but a beggar at your auspicious door,
I beg for your favours.
Please keep my tear-filled eyes in mind, please protect my honour.

I beg to see your Green Dome again.
Time and time again we have found you fondly generous.
Whenever, however a needy (no matter who) approached you ,
You ( are a mercy unto ALL and have always tolerated me.
On the day of judgement, when no-one will have time for another,
When no-one will care about anyone but the self,
I ask, O final most noble Prophet for support.
Bless me with great love for you ,
I beg of you through your progeny!
I, Riyaaz, am a beggar at your ( auspicious door since time immemorial.
I have spread my beggar's bowl
I in front of your most generous and auspicious hands.


By Qamar

I am leaving Madinah for home now,
O Prophet of Allah , please invite me again.
Show me again, please, your il, mosque, your shrine.
Please, O Prophet of Allah .
let my fortune glisten even in my dreams.
My humble abode is yours please do visit.

When the heat of the day of judgement is at its peak,
When a fire is lit in my chest,
Please assist me then, O Saaqui of Madinah,
Quench my thirst with the drink of "KAUTHAR"
Oh my friends, I am becoming intoxicated
In the image of the most noble Prophet .

Should I fall asleep, please awaken me by reciting the Salawaat.
O Prophet of Allah , electrifying grief is peering
At my emotional state yet again.
O Master , please save my heart from the storms of dissent.

The elegance of the Chosen One is such that
My heart has undergone quite a change.
My beloved Prophet has been here to my humble home.
Should anyone wish to visit, please do so with utmost respect.
After reciting the Salawaat at a gathering, Qamar's friends are saying:
Please recite once more
The Na'at which you penned at the shrine of the most noble Prophet .


By Asraar

Allow me to firstly praise my Creator.
Let me praise the One who gave me life.
Let me not in any way debase His authority.
All please recite the Salawaat whilst I recite a Na'at.
After the Almighty, is the rank of Muhammad .
He is the beloved of Allah, the One with magnificent attributes.
Who-so-ever is fortunate enough
To acquire true love for the most beloved Prophet ,
shall have absolute salvation from the heat of the fire.
Allow me to sacrifice my wealth, my heart, my very life for him .
How honorifically has Allah Almighty addressed
he most respected Messenger .
In the Qur'an from place to place:
Addressing him in one place as "YA SEEN", whilst in another as "TA HA". Some where else as "HAAM MEEM" and "NOON", and some other place as "WASH SHAMS" and also as "WAD DUHA".

What comparison to this does my intellect and knowledge hold,
When I attempt to praise the most noble Prophet ?
Allah Almighty ** Himself praises the most noble Prophet .
The Majestic Qur'an is full of his attributes.
Evident from the first letter to the last of the Glorious Qur'an
is the praise of the saviour of mankind, the last of the noble messengers.

How can I praise this magnificent personality ?
The noble Prophet's personality is in itself inspirational and a warning,
A most caring preacher, the light of day and night.
He is appointed by Allah Almighty , the All Hearing, the All Seeing.
All rich, all poor, are his slaves.
Why should I not be affectionate towards the king of our religion?
Restless is my heart in yearning for the chosen one
Sad and wounded is my heart, doting on the chosen one
Should I ever set eyes on the graceful face of the chosen one '
With great depth of passion,
shall I kiss the auspicious feet of the chosen one .
How can I praise the king of all the prophets ***?
How can I properly thank You O Allah , Most High?
For You have made me a follower of Your beloved ' .
Now I, Asraar make this final request, O Allah Almighty
Please keep me stead-fast on the road
Of obedience to the final Messenger ,
For in my obedience to him , shall I make mighty my faith.


This poem is unique in that it is a rare combination of "Hamd and Na'at"

Hamd = Praise of the Almighty Creator ONLY
Na'at = Praise of the final and most noble Prophet MUHAMMAD , ONLY

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