In the Name of God the Most Merciful the Most Kind


Na'at Academy


School Of Urdu Grammar Established 1978
Na'at/Geet Academy Established 1999 - Urdu on P/C Established 2000 - On Pitch! Established 2001
37, Mavis Road, Rylands Estate. 7764 Cape Town. South Africa. Tel. No. +27 21 633 0261

The Khaana-e-Adab "Na'at Academy" was started in August 1999 at the insistence of my younger brother Hadjie Muhammad Iqbal Rawoot who hosts the professional Na'at Khwaans that visit the shores of Cape Town.

This Na'at Academy has seen a steady and committed growth-rate since 1999 and has developed into at least an appreciative audience. When the professionals do what they do, the students have been seen to react differently and warmly towards them, which is multisatisfying.

These lessons are conducted in such a manner that the learner becomes,

01 - Urdu literate, thus the poet's efforts are not crucified

is able to

02 - Relate and deliver with a certain level of understanding

03 - Actually feel what has been written and can thus effectively shower the audience with flower-petals which WILL hurt them. {This believe me, is a beautiful hurt}

04 - Effectively implement the literature into his/her lifestyle

05 - Find an independent satisfaction, and niche for himself/herself after being able to at least read the Semitic script


06 - Dependency on transliteration becomes a thing of the past, so that they can open and choose Na'ats
from renowned poets' collections and also share in the exchanging of Na'ats with renowned professionals

07 - The material they are tutored from are supplied with the Arabic, Persian or Urdu Semitic Script on
one side with the English translation on the other side

08 - They are tutored to deliver in the various styles of many professionals

09 - This can not result in a stagnant manner of delivery, rather a fresh approach at each performance

10 - The learner can "Allah willing" begin to compose with substance, in their renditions of Na'at.


I fondly wish all these learners great success in their endeavours.

Yours in Islaam
Ustaad Rawoot
Chishti Nizaami Qamari

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Last update: October 24, 2004

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