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ONGOING CLASSES: Naat Academy Khaana-e-Adab: Ongoing classes School of Urdu grammar
Geet Academy Urdu language: classes in Cape Town The aim of the course which is thorough in its approach to the grammar of the Urdu language, ensures self-respect which evidently results in a greater amount of tolerance towards elders and their ways. Those who do not know their own language, cannot claim to know their own culture for a culture comes about through its lanugage and the uses of it. Many feel that transliteration suffices. This is a very harmful manner of seeing things for not one of the three Semitic languages can be satisfactorily transliterated. It causes many embarassing problems
Once literate, one can enjoy any script in its pristine form, resulting in complete satisfaction. One benefit at least would be that one would not sing the praises of the writed and crucify him/her at the same time. It at first may seem to be a daunting task but if one realizes that a Grade Three child does it with ease, then what is stopping others? Ongoing Classes: Urdu, On Pitch, Naat Shareef There exist a culture amonsts Cinema-goers, one sees the film whilst the other reads the film. You decide which one is more enjoyable than the other. For me, the film is about human facial expressions which bring out the hidden meanings of the spoken words. It's all in the eyes! I cannot appreciate this whilst reading.


Language Urdu

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Na'at Shareef Classes

::: Duration of each Lesson 1 hour 30 minutes :::
::: 1 lesson per week

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