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Musically speaking: On Pitch by Ustaad Rawoot
On Pitch


On Pitch

Ustaad Rawoot
Principal of Khaana-E-Adab
School of Urdu Grammar - established 1978 Cape Town
Chishti Nizaami Qamari
proudly presents
"On Pitch"

School Of Urdu Grammar Established 1978
Na'at/Geet Academy Established 1999 -
Urdu on P/C Established 2000 -
On Pitch! Established 2001
37, Mavis Road, Rylands Estate
7764 Cape Town South Africa.
Tel. No. +27 21 633 0261

The Khaana-e-Adab "On Pitch" was started in August 2001 after one of my students Dr. S. Parker {Razzack} mentioned to me that he knows of no Muslim person who teaches Eastern music in the Cape Town area.

I can honestly not say that I know much in the real sense of what needs to be known, other than a passion for music which I have inherited from my parents and grandparents from both sides of my family. Taking to Eastern music was as natural as breathing for me after I studied Urdu as a language. It goes without saying that Urdu became much more than just a language to me.

This culminated in the writing of a simplistic formula with little children in mind, who are not able to go to a formal musical institution and are thus unable to read music on paper. Each learner must have his/her own keyboard, be it any type, a Yamaha or a Harmonium or any other. All key boards are essentially the same.

Please take a peek at the manner in which the material is presented to them on the this site.

These lessons are conducted in such a manner that the learner becomes able to hear a song or piece of music, write it down and play it in as simple a form as is possible. Some of these students are now with the programme for the past three years and are doing quite well. They willingly admit that they are now able to appreciate instruments in the same songs they hear daily, but have acquired a new sense of listening.

They learn about sharps, the flats, the major and the minor chords as well as a few of their choice combinations in as far as musical notations are concerned.

I do hope that at least some of them will further themselves in a musical career. Who knows what's out there?

Some of these learners are students of the Khaana-e-Adab Na'at Academy and the On Pitch lessons help them to understand which way is up or which way is down, and how to hold a note. And in this manner become "SUR-CORRECT".

The learner can "Allaah willing" begin to compose their own tunes. I fondly wish all these learners great success in their endeavours.

Yours in Islaam
Ustaad Rawoot
Chishti Nizaami Qamari


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